Monday, August 16, 2010

We Are Back!

Life has a funny way of getting in the way and before you know it time has just gone by. 

Our son Alex, signed up to be a Marine Reservist and is currently in boot camp for 3 months in Parris Island, South Carolina.  It was hard to see him go because we talk to him almost everyday and being in boot camp we have no contact with him other than letters.  Being a mother I wanted to send him a care package from home but Alex wrote us and said he can only receive certain items like protein bars, Gatorade and vitamin C.   Oh well sending him baked goods is not an option.  We miss him very much but look forward to his boot camp graduation in October. 

Jason, our youngest is starting his Junior year in college at UNT and ready for dorm life again, but said he looks forward to coming home on the weekends for mom's home cooking!

With so many things going on and plus starting a new business, a couple of days became a month, but we are back and have plenty to talk about.  

Husband and I attended a FoodBuzz Tastemaker Event at Carrabas in Plano, TX this weekend and will be posting our story and review, stay tuned!


  1. I'm sorry your son is incommunicado for a while and hope him well at boot camp! I also really look forward to hearing about your time at the event in Texas! Welcome home.

  2. Welcome back :) Best wished to both of your sons :)