Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hello Everyone, it's been a long, long, long time.......

Yes, we are back in New Jersey and have been back since the end of February.  We miss our  food blog friends!

Packing up and moving cross country is quite a large task at hand.  It is also very exhausting.   We currently are renting a beautiful house on the lagoon and settled in to enjoy the summer near the water.    We will be house hunting in the fall.   With all the unpacking to do, I also decided to go to school and get my Realtors license which I gladly passed the state test and have been licensed since May.  Rowland is back at work and doesn't like the long commute and longs for the 15 minute commutes he had while we lived in Texas.

It is has been a flurry of activity since we have been back with family and friends wanting to see us.  As they say there is no place like home!  Time has certainly passed so fast since we have been back.

Our dining experience has been very limited due to lack of funds and being very busy and lots of summer BBQ's. 

Starting sometime in October we will be having what we call pot luck Saturday night which we started about 9 years ago with friends.  Since we came back our friends have been asking if we will be starting them up again and we said YES!   So with that said there is a group of about 12 of us and we take turns hosting and can pick and choose the theme we want if we are hosting and let everyone know what the theme is and we cook according to that theme.   It is lots of fun and a chance to try something new and to be with great friends and have a good time.   We will be documenting our pot lucks and bringing them to you!

We will also be starting our fall and winter kitchen cooking series soon.......glad to be back home and look forward to sharing stories with each and every one  of  you.

Rowland and Ronnie

Monday, January 31, 2011

Goodbye Texas, Hello New Jersey!

Wow, its been awhile since our last post back in September, 2010.  Rowland and I have been dealing with many changes, the first one being our son Alex, enrollment in the Marines.   He has since graduated Marine Boot camp, Parris Island, SC and is currently stationed in Beaufort, Georgia studying Satellite Communications. 

There is also a cross country move on the horizon for Rowland and I back to our home state of New Jersey.   We will be moving back to Jersey the end of February and are very happy to be returning back to our home town state.  We have missed our family and friends very much and are excited. 

About 2 years ago, Rowland's job took us out to the state of Texas and were lucky enough to have lived somewhere different and to experience a different way of living.  We have enjoyed our stay in Texas, learning about good Texas BBQ and Tex Mex.  Texas is a very proud state and it is evident everywhere you go, what other state flies there state flag everywhere?  We have ventured to all the mom and pop eateries and got a chance to visit local spots such as the Fort Worth Stockyards, JFK Memorial, Fair Park, Dallas and more.   We also have seen the beautiful splendor of farm life with pastures of cows and horses sprinkled throughout the lush farm land of summer.  We will miss the beautiful sunsets and remember Texas in our hearts for all the warmth and hospitality they have shown us.

Going back home and being close to our families makes for a great homecoming.   See you down the Jersey Shore!

We will be back soon with all new reviews from the New Jersey and
Tri-State area with all new food reviews and fun!   Also, from our home in  New Jersey, homemade recipes from our kitchen.

See you soon!