Saturday, May 29, 2010

Please remember on this Memorial Day Weekend, to honor all the military men and women who are serving our country in the present and don't forget to honor those who have served in the past.

Coconut Cream Cupcakes Please!

My husband and I have been invited to a Memorial Day Party with a Hawaii Theme. So I decided to make Coconut Cream Cupcakes from scratch. Since I absolutely adore cupcakes and everything about them I have developed my own recipe and cannot wait to try them out! I will post my cupcake pictures on Sunday morning. I have been wanting to start a small cupcake business on the side as a hobby and this is a great start by serving them at the Hawaiian Themed Cocktail Party we will be attending. I will share the results with you on my Monday post!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Eating Our Way Thru Texas This Summer

So my husband and I were discussing what we would like to do this summer when we decided lets explore Texas. Being recent transplants from the East Coast (less than 2 yrs in Texas) we decided to see everything Texas had to offer, so this summer we will be out on the road visiting different regions of Texas exploring the heart of each town and their eateries. We look forward to exploring all the family owned mom and pop restaurants that really love what they do and take pride in making their customers feel right at home with down home good cooking.

We will be blogging from the road and posting pictures from every location we visit. Follow us as two East Coast newbies explore Texas this summer.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

OMG - Huge Texas Porkrinds (Chicharrones)

As we were walking around in a Mexican Grocery in Denton, TX, Lord and behold we came upon some of the biggest Pork Rinds we have ever seen. They say everythings bigger in Texas and they weren't kidding! My husband is up for the challenge and will be heading back soon to get a couple, god help him!

Saturday Country Breakfast

It's Saturday and it is cloudy and mild, my husband and I map out our morning of errands revolving around our dog Bailey's grooming appointment. After dropping Bailey off my husband said lets just drive along highway 156. Highway 156 is a rural road that passes through small towns like Justin, Ponder and Krum, Texas. We pass several farms with cows and horses grazing in the fields. We soon came upon the small town of Krum and enter there small main street area. Very cute with a few antique shops, a town museum amongst a few other shops. My husband spots a small eatery called Krum Diner and says lets have breakfast. Upon entering this quaint diner it takes me back to a more simpler time. A small open dining area with red vinyl booths and tables and chairs in the center. There is a table occupied with 4 local firemen eating breakfast. A few people walk in after us and say hello to the firemen and sit down. A town this small people are sure to know one another and this small diner is a reminder of the small town feel.
There is a small sign that say's fresh pies baked daily like cheesecake and various fruit pies, makes me want to take a pie home but I restrain myself.

Our waitress walks over and gives us our breakfast menus which reveal typical breakfast menu choices. We are offered fresh coffee in white ceramic mugs and say yes without hesitation. Great Coffee to start or meal.

My husband orders a veggie omelet with crispy hashbrowns, wheat toast and I order two scrambled eggs, bacon, potatoes and wheat toast. Within 10 minutes our breakfast is served by the pleasant waitress. Now I know you say, well breakfast is breakfast, but such a simple food in our opinion not everybody gets it right, but Krum Diner did! My husband's omelet was loaded with veggies and cooked to perfection. The hashbrowns were crispy and well cooked although he would have preferred sauteed onions mixed in with his hashbrowns. So, with a healthy dose of hot sauce he managed to clean the plate before I could take a picture, thus explaining no photo of my husbands plate. My husband said it was one of the best cups of coffee he has had, fresh and hot! He said he wished he could have taken a cup to go.
My order was served and I began to sample the scrambled eggs first, simple but cooked very well with a slight taste of butter, my bacon had a slight smokey flavor, thin and crispy. I then sampled the potatoes which were cut into cubes and seasoned with salt, pepper and something else (couldnt figure out) and pan fried to golden brown, just the way I like them. Wheat toast pulled the breakfast together with fresh hot coffee.

If you like a quaint small atmosphere, Krum Diner is your place, it almost felt like you are eating in someone's kitchen. Also, there specials include catfish served on Friday's. Ask them about there homemade pies. Krum Diner is located on the corner of highway 156 & FM1173, Krum, TX.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Welcome to our humorious approach to eating

Ok, so here we go! My husband and I decided to start a blog about our experiences some good some not so good but always fun adventures about dining out. Although we love to cook at home, we also enjoy eating out and find we are like amateur critics of service, cleaniness, price, atmosphere and of course the quality and taste of the food we are served.

Yesterday, for example my husband decided to take me out for breakfast before running errands and his decision was based upon good specials advertised and decided since we have never eaten at this place in Keller, TX before why not give it a try. Upon entering the parking lot it didn't look like much from the outside but decided to give it try. Upon entering the restaurant we noticed right away it was dark and dingy but decided to stay anyway. The hostess was bordering on pleasant and couldn't be bothered attitude (I think she liked my husband better because when taking his order she smiled at him and not me). My husband decided to order a hamburger and french fries and I decided to order breakfast 2 scrambled eggs, wheat toast and hash browns (nothing really looked appealing on the menu). When our food was served I looked down at my plate and lost my appetite. The eggs looked bland and forget about the hashbrowns they looked pale and not cooked and a measily small piece of wheat toast. My husbands plate looked a little better than mine. My husbands med-rare was too mushy and watery to eat and my husband usually finishes every morsel but could not finish this gross hamburger, but the french fries were decent. Well needless to say we won't be back and to top it off I used the bathroom and it was so dirty I could not wait to leave. Upon returning to the table our hostess asked me if I was going to finish my pale and flavorless hashbrowns and I said no thanks, but it seemed other people eating there were ok with what they got. Not us!