Sunday, May 9, 2010

Welcome to our humorious approach to eating

Ok, so here we go! My husband and I decided to start a blog about our experiences some good some not so good but always fun adventures about dining out. Although we love to cook at home, we also enjoy eating out and find we are like amateur critics of service, cleaniness, price, atmosphere and of course the quality and taste of the food we are served.

Yesterday, for example my husband decided to take me out for breakfast before running errands and his decision was based upon good specials advertised and decided since we have never eaten at this place in Keller, TX before why not give it a try. Upon entering the parking lot it didn't look like much from the outside but decided to give it try. Upon entering the restaurant we noticed right away it was dark and dingy but decided to stay anyway. The hostess was bordering on pleasant and couldn't be bothered attitude (I think she liked my husband better because when taking his order she smiled at him and not me). My husband decided to order a hamburger and french fries and I decided to order breakfast 2 scrambled eggs, wheat toast and hash browns (nothing really looked appealing on the menu). When our food was served I looked down at my plate and lost my appetite. The eggs looked bland and forget about the hashbrowns they looked pale and not cooked and a measily small piece of wheat toast. My husbands plate looked a little better than mine. My husbands med-rare was too mushy and watery to eat and my husband usually finishes every morsel but could not finish this gross hamburger, but the french fries were decent. Well needless to say we won't be back and to top it off I used the bathroom and it was so dirty I could not wait to leave. Upon returning to the table our hostess asked me if I was going to finish my pale and flavorless hashbrowns and I said no thanks, but it seemed other people eating there were ok with what they got. Not us!

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  1. That flag thing is just so stupid. And fun. I love it! :)