Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summer's Simple Pleasures and Old Fashioned Ice Cream

When husband (Rowland) has the day off we try to make plans ahead of time, but if you live in Texas, this summer has been a hot one!  Since the beginning of August we have seen above 100 temps. 

We decided to go to the square in Denton, TX .  Really cute with the town hall building in the center and quaint shops surrounding it.   Denton Town Square is right near the University of North Texas Campus and is a popular place for students and where families come to walk the square and can eat at several of the great restaurants and shop the vintage boutiques.   During the summer the courthouse lawn is a gathering place for musicians to play and where you can just bring a blanket or lawn chair and enjoy the show! 

So with no particular plans in mind we decided to go to our favorite vintage book store where I like to buy vintage cook books for inspiration.  We then visited our favorite antique store and several other shops, but as the heat of day soon approached (which is usually before 12:00) we decided to try a mom and pop old fashioned ice cream shop. 

Beth Marie's Old Fashioned Ice Cream Shop is just that, old fashioned!   When you walk in you feel like you stepped back in time with its black and white tiled floors, vintage lighting, counters with seating and pressed tin ceilings, housed in an authentic old building. 

Opening in 1998, they mix carbonated drinks from syrup and soda water the old fashioned way.  They make real ice cream soda's and all their ice cream is fresh and made on the premises.   Making ice cream the way ice cream was made 80 years ago.   When you walk in there is a large framed blackboard with all the flavors they offer, I lost count but I believe it was 100 flavors.  They make there waffle cones and their own hot fudge fresh every day.  From old fashioned sundaes to waffle cones and more toppings then I could have imagined.  They also offer a lunch menu of sandwiches and soup. 

My husband and I decided to go simple, Rowland ordered watermelon ice cream and I ordered fresh strawberry and banana and coconut cream scoop.  Our ice cream was served in a cold frosted oval glass dish.   Since it was to hot outside we decided to sit inside at one of the round tables with antique metal chairs. 

Before I could take a picture of Rowland's ice cream he was done!  I should have taken a picture before we sat down, oh well!  Rowland's watermelon ice cream was the color of watermelon, fresh and creamy with fresh watermelon in the ice cream, there was also small chocolate chips to mimic the seeds of a watermelon.   I had two scoops of creamy dreamy heaven, my strawberry & banana scoop was mixed with fresh strawberries and fresh banana in a creamy smooth base.  My coconut cream was pure heaven, not overly sweet but just creamy coconut taste with coconut flakes mixed in.

                                              Yummy, Yummy!  

Sometimes it is good to step back from our daily fast paced lives and just slow down and re-connect with the person you love and enjoy the simple pleasures life has to offer and that is what we did on Husband's day off.

If you love old fashioned ice cream and are in Denton, TX be sure to visit:

Beth Marie's Old Fashioned Ice Cream Shop
117 West Hickory Street
Denton,  TX  76201


  1. We have been suffering through the heat in Austin too! Thankfully, there is an ice cream shop one block from our house...we've been eating there often! It looks like you two picked up some good treats and were able to spend some quality time together.

  2. That ice cream shop looks amazing! I don't currently have plans to visit Texas but if I did, I would be heading there first!

  3. now I have ice cream in my head :)
    It was lovely to meet you.

  4. What a cute ice cream shop in what sounds like such a cute town. That watermelon ice cream sounds so good. Wish I had some now. Great review!

  5. I love anything watermelon. Looks a great day. Thanks for sharing.

    Plan B

  6. Awww,, how awesome was that! The photos really are great, it does take you back in time. I remember my grandfather taking us to one of the only places that made and ice cream soda! love it!
    xoxo megan

  7. This place looks so cute! I wish more of them were around.

  8. That ice cream shop is adorable...Looks like something out of a movie :) Lovely review, I feeler cooler already :)

  9. Vintage bookstores and ice cream sound like the perfect way to beat the heat :) I hate rushing summer, but it's been crazy hot in Arizona too and I think I'm ready for it to cool off a bit already!

  10. It sounds like a really lovely place (and the prices look good too).

  11. what is not to love about Ice Cream! I love the old fashioned shops, it does take you back....until you get the sometimes you have to do it! Thanks for sharing your wonderful ice cream experience!

  12. Love ice-cream. I need it now. I think and hope the weather is getting better. Fingers crossed! How have you been? I've been slow to blog about our outing, just did it. It was great meeting you and your husband.