Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Visit your Local Farmers Market This Summer Season

There is nothing like fresh sweet fruit and veggies from your local farmers!

Where I live in Texas, my husband and I visit a local farmers market in Keller.    Fresh fruits and veggies abound and the colors are beautiful.  There is something about freshly grown produce that excites me when I am browsing through the market on a beautiful Saturday morning with a cup of coffee.    I imagine taking home these treasures and using them in my favorite recipes, such as blueberry pancakes, fresh pies, cool summer salads, a summer side dish or fresh yellow sweet corn drizzled with butter and herbs!  Yum!

There is such beauty in the bounty of each and every farmer that brings there fresh grown treasures to the market.    By shopping your local farmers market you are supporting your local farms for quality fresh fruit and veggies available to everyone in your community as well as generating much needed income to your local farmers.

Come early to get the best selections!   My husband and I are there at 8:00am sharp when they open to get the best selection. 

Check your communities for a Farmers Market near you.   Most farmers markets are located in the heart of each town.    Ours is located in our town center.   There is also a large Farmers  Market in Dallas.   Even New York City has there own beautiful Farmers Market that I used to visit when living back in the Northeast.

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  1. Good for you! One of my favorite things... farmer's market. We are so blessed with food that comes from so close. Spread the wealth! Support local farmers!