Saturday, June 26, 2010

Relaxed Saturday at the Dallas Farmers Market

Today was a very relaxed day in our house.  With our our food shopping already done we decided to go the Dallas Farmers Market for some fresh produce.  A couple of our friends have been there and said they always loved it, so my husband and I said well let's take a drive.  Although we live in Fort Worth,  Dallas is the big city to Fort Worth and only about a 50 minute drive from where we live.  Temps were expected to be in the high 90's so we went prepared with our cash in hand, eco-friendly shopping bags, bottled water and comfortable footwear (for me flip flops). 

Dallas Farmers Market is a large outdoor market with as they call them "covered sheds"  thank goodness because it was already heating up and walking in the shade is a little better than the sun.  There are a few open outdoor sheds and then there are a couple of indoor "with air conditioning" sheds.  The farmers market is local farmers lined up in longs rows of the most beautiful and colorful display of vegetables and fruits.

It is sensory overload walking down aisles of fresh produce, the farmers also eager to hand out samples of their riches and my husband and I sampled fresh cool watermelon,  juicy peaches,  mango and sugary pineapple, so good!  There is nothing like farm fresh produce!

Before we purchased our treasures to take back home we decided to visit the indoor sheds, that is where we found family owned La Popular, Tamale House.  We decided to taste these homemade mexican tamales which are made fresh daily.  Fillings include, beef, pork, chicken, beans and jalapenos.  Due to high demand most of her tamales were gone and all that was left was chicken so we tried chicken, which is roasted shredded chicken, cornmeal, spices, peppers and rolled in a banana leaf, tied and boiled. Served with a homemade hot sauce salsa.  I had a mild version but it was still quite hot, so my husband gladly finished my hot sauce salsa, he loves spicy, the spicier the better.

        Here is my husband enjoying some tamales!

Chicken Tamales with Spicy Salsa!


Just a sampling of some of the fresh produce that came home with us!

Support all your local farmers markets!

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  1. Wow looks like a truly great Farmer's Market, they are the best thing ever:)